Proper Protective Masks used by medics are certified “FFP2” (Fuptu) and are discarded after a single use. They have not been available to the general public. The “Face Coverings” the UK Government is mandating for shops and public transport only protect other people from the wearer. They only do this if they are properly made but this has not been defined. Certified Fuptu masks protect the wearer from other people, as well as properly protecting other people from the wearer. The Fuptu system allows Proper Protective FFP2 masks to be economically provided to the visiting public, for sports and cultural events without negative environmental

The System

The Fuptu system enables events organisers to provide individually Packaged Proper Protective Fuptu masks in the Fuptu Box which can be used to sterilise the masks. The branded mask ensures the everyone is wearing Proper Protective masks.

The box has other necessary information, like fitting instructions.

Point Of Sale

The Fuptu Box (patent applied for**), which contains a mask in its flat package configuration, has a seal, a bar code, a unique QR code, usage instructions and other information.


The Fuptu Box can be used to safely transport the mask, which may be contaminated. It is made from plastic and card lamination like drinks cartons.


The Harvard Medical school have extensively studied microwave based sterilisation. See* by Kirby et al, which describes a successful microwave oven based sterilisation method. It can be carried out up to 20 times without impeding the performance of the mask.

The Fuptu Box in its unfolded configuration contains the water at a desired level and supports the mask in precisely the correct position for it to be sterilised.

Post Sterilisation

The Fuptu Box has a facility to record the number of sterilisations. It can be used to safely transport the mask, prior to use. The unique QR code can be used to facilitate a deposit based return scheme where the returned masks and boxes can be 100% recycled.


** PAN 29/7/20 2011792.5

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