We distribute many styles of Face Coverings and Proper Protective Face Masks.

MedaMask has sold hundreds of thousands of masks and coverings to major UK companies during the COVID-19 Crisis.

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Face Coverings are intended to help protect other people from the wearer, particularly if the wearer is asymptomatic, and are compulsory in shops and public transport.

Proper Protective Masks (FFP2s) are much more effective than Face Coverings, protecting the wearer from other people as well others from the wearer.

Historically Proper Protective Masks (FFP2s) masks have been reserved for medical use due to supply shortages but now there is ample supply and so they can be used in a wide range of situations.


Certified FFP2
  • Protects Wearer
  • Medical Grade
  • Easier To Breathe


Basic 3-ply mask
  • Protects Others
  • Value For Money
  • Comfortable


Branded FFP2
  • Protects Wearer
  • Medical Grade
  • Your Logo Added


Most frequent questions and answers

CarePly is a disposable face covering which protects those in the vicinity from possible infection by the wearer, particularly if they are asymptomatic.

ProPly and MedaPly are high efficiency Proper Protection filtration masks, meaning that they not only provide significantly protection to others but they also protect the wearer. This is essential for health workers who are not able to maintain a distance from those they are treating.

We would recommend MedaPly only for situations where the highest protection is needed.

For all other occasions where the wearer’s protection is needed (e.g. in professions where social distancing is not practical) we would recommend ProPly.

No, there is now a plentiful supply of medical-grade (FFP2 and FFP3) masks in the UK, although we can understand the confusion!

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many national governments struggled to supply enough PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), and so they were reluctant to recommend the use of Proper Protective Masks for non-medical uses.

However, market forces have led to an end to the shortages and there is a plentiful supply.

The relevant standard for FFP2 face masks in the UK and EU is BS EN 149:2001+A1:2009. This standard does not specify head straps or ear loops – either is fine.

If you’re still confused, we understand!

Our director, Peter, has written an explanation as to why this confusion came about:

The retail price for a high quality disposable face covering like CarePly should be well under 50p each.

The retail price for Proper Protective Masks like ProPly FFP2 is under £2.50 and FFP3s under £4.

We will beat any genuine quotation for masks equivalent to ProPly or MedaPly.


The UK Government’s Health & Safety Executive (HSE) requires us to be able to prove to our customers that our masks meet the EU certification of FFP2 by supplying documentation of the testing and certification process.

These documents can be found on our Documentation page.

We also recommend that anyone buying FFP2 or FFP3 masks should read the HSE guidelines on respiratory protective equipment (RPE).